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Decentralization Is an Illusion: A 2023 End-of-Year Look at Web 3.0 Hackernoon. 11/2023

DE DE MOUSE & Shin-Ski’s “Rainbowtime” – The Consolation of Creation The Arts Fuse. 9/2023

Does Roblox Exploit Child Labor in the Metaverse? Hackernoon. 9/2023

The Metaverse is Now Corporate and Depressing. Hackernoon. 8/2023

Poem: "Colorado". Arts Fuse. 7/2023

Prof’s Horse — Carrying Minneapolis on Your Back Ain’t Easy. Arts Fuse. 4/2023

Netflix’s Beef – Don’t Tread on Me​. Arts Fuse. 4/2023

The Status Revolution by Chuck Thompson. Bridge Eight. 4/2023

A Past Fit for the Future – Birthright: A Black Roots Music CompendiumArts Fuse. 3/2023

Indie Pop and TikTok Reviews: Strongboi and Tanara “Double Chocolate” Mallory. Arts Fuse. 3/2023

Ears of the People — Ekonting Songs from Senegal and the Gambia. Arts Fuse. 2/2023

The Depressing New Corporate Metaverse. Areo. 2/2023

Hearing The Real Thing — Field Recorders’ Collective’s Commitment to Traditional American Music. Arts Fuse. 2/2023

Satan Is Busy in Knoxville: The Knoxville Sessions, 1929 & 1930 — The Devil’s in the Details​.  Arts Fuse. 1/2023

Macroblank’s ANALOG レアリティ– Plenty of Scarcity to Go Around.  Arts Fuse. 1/2023

YMCK’s Family Innovation — 8bit Cynicism Toward Web 3.0. Arts Fuse. 12/2022​

Ginger Root’s Nisemono and the Virtues of Creative Recycling​.  Arts Fuse. 11/2022

El Muqui. Ilombo Ekjuro. 9/2022

"Jubilo Done Pass". Footnote #5. Alternating Current Press. 9/2022

Run From the Border. Book & Film Globe. 9/2022

Railroad Bill. Ilombo Ekjuro. 8/2022

“We Carry Their Bones” — Life and Death at a Reform School During Jim Crow.  Arts Fuse. 8/2022

“Los memes cerámicos de Chucho Bedoya”. Revista Universidad de Antioquia. Colombia. 7/2022.

Smaller Than Africa. Book & Film Globe. 6/2022

El Mohán. Ilombo Ekjuro. 6/2022

Monaleo — The Houston Woman Keeping it Dirty. Medium. 6/2022

Dueto Dos Rosas Are Defying the Mainstream with Their Ranchera Roots. Sounds & Colours. 6/2022

Roblox — Exploiting Child Labor in the Metaverse. Arts Fuse. 5/2022

Megan Walsh’s "The Subplot: What China Is Reading and Why It Matters". The Smart Set. 5/2022

The South – What Jim Crow Was and Wasn’t​. Arts Fuse. 5/2022

The Lost Southern Chefs — A History of the Commercialization of Southern Hospitality. Arts Fuse. 4/2022

Preserving the African Traditions of Colombia's Pacífico with Eryen Korath [...]. Co-authored by Yulia Pereira. Sounds & Colours. 4/2022

‘Atlantis’ Presaged the Tragedy of Ukraine: Sad Predictions from Valentyn Vasyanovych’s 2019 Postwar Tale. Book & Film Globe. 4/2022

Russia is Sick: In ‘Petrov’s Flu’, Filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov Diagnoses His Home Country’s Illness. Book & Film Globe. 4/2022

Dreaming Orchards of Hope in Ukraine’s Wild East: Reviewing Lyuba Yakimchuk's Apricots of Donbas. The Smart Set. 4/2022

“We Uyghurs Have No Say” — When Truth Telling Becomes Subversive. Arts Fuse. 3/2022

Lessons on Colonialism from an Imprisoned Chinese Dissident. Northeast Asian Law Review, Vol 14, Hongik University, South Korea 2/2022

What Disney’s “Encanto” Says About Colombian Realities. Co-authored by Yulia Pereira. Arts Fuse. 2/2022

“Cuba: An American History” — Inextricably Linked, For Better and Worse. Arts Fuse. 2/2022

“Home Reading Service” by Fabio Morábito — Beyond Empty Words. Arts Fuse. 1/2022

"Fela’s London Scene, Why Black Man Dey Suffer, [etc.] – Fela Kuti" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (January Entry). Arts Fuse. 1/2022

Tennessee Ernie Ford’s “Classic Trio Albums” — The Voice Alone. Arts Fuse. 12/2021

"Chucho Bedoya’s “Chucherías” Exhibit at Bogotá’s Galeria Fenix: Recasting memes in light of political struggle. The Smart Set. 12/2021

"El derecho de vivir en paz – Víctor Jara (Dicap)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (November Entry). Arts Fuse. 11/2021

Goodbye Columbus — Mexico City’s “La Joven de Amajac” and “Tlalli” Sculptures. Arts Fuse. 10/2021

"Cuquita – Los Tigres Del Norte (Golondrina)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (October Entry). Arts Fuse. 10/2021

"Roy Brown, Basta Ya… Revolución (Disco Libre)"​ in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (August Entry). Arts Fuse. 8/2021

"The Red Detachment of Women (China Record Corporation)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (July Entry). Arts Fuse. 7/2021

Juan Cirerol’s “Punk Feeling” — Mexicali’s Poet of Poverty Returns. Arts Fuse. 7/2021

“Canceling Comedians While the World Burns” — The Case for Comediansplaining​. Arts Fuse. 6/2021

“Robert E. Lee and Me” — An Incomplete Reckoning. Arts Fuse. 5/2021

“Dogefather” Elon Musk on SNL – Banking on the Irony of the Rich. Arts Fuse. 5/2021

Kaimo skurdžiai – kilmingieji laukiniai?​. Magazinas. Translated into Lithuanian by Nomeda Repšytė and Sandra Bernotaitė . 5/2021

“Minari” — An Immigrant Tale with a Southern Accent. Arts Fuse . 4/2021

"Link Wray: Link Wray (Polydor)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (April Entry). Arts Fuse. 4/2021

“We Shall All Be Reunited: The Bristol Sessions, 1927 & 1928” — Revising Musical History. Arts Fuse. 12/2020

The Harry Smith B-Sides: Precursor to The Harry Smith C(ensored)-Sides?​. Arts Fuse. 10/2020

Tyler Childers’ “Long Violent History” – An Appalachian Murder Ballad for Breonna Taylor​. Arts Fuse. 09/2020

Falle Nioke’s “Youkounkoun” EP + 2 Songs — Africa In Any Language​. Arts Fuse. 08/2020

“The U.S. Antifascism Reader” — Recovering the Great American Tradition of Punching Nazis​. Arts Fuse. 07/2020

“Pandemic!” by Slavoj Žižek — Choosing Reality and Survival Over Panic and Barbarism. Arts Fuse. 05/2020

Pokey LaFarge’s “Rock Bottom Rhapsody” - To Hell and Back with That Wholesome Midwestern Troubadour​. Arts Fuse. 04/2020

Songs of Forgetting – From the Cultural Quarantine of the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Arts Fuse. 04/2020

Dan Reeder — Weighing Consequences and Accepting Defeat… “Just Feels Sorta Natural”. Arts Fuse. 02/2020

Four Poems: "The South", "The New Math", "Atlanta Kawaii", and "Generation Without Shame". The Blue Mountain Review #17. 02/2020

“李子柒 Liziqi” — Nature and Internet Celebrity in the Time of the Coronavirus. Arts Fuse. 02/2020

“La patria y la muerte” — Exposing Mexican “Greatness”. Arts Fuse. 01/2020

“Dying of Whiteness” — What Rough Beast Slouches Toward Kansas to be Born? Arts Fuse. 09/2019

“William Walker’s Wars” — Revisiting US Slavery’s Soldier of Fortune in Latin America​. Arts Fuse. 08/2019

Gabe Lee’s “farmland” — The Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot Blues​. Arts Fuse. 08/2019

Dueto Dos Rosas, Five Songs. Arts Fuse. 08/2019

“El Norte” — Recovering a Greater America at the Southern Border. Arts Fuse. 06/2019

“Accounting for Slavery” — Plantation Roots of Scientific Management​. Arts Fuse. 05/2019

Three poems: "Tactile Afterlife", "Good News Crackles", "Hillbilly of Monterey Bay". Heron Clan VI. 04/2019.

“Where the Crawdads Sing” — Are the Rural Poor Noble Savages? Arts Fuse. 03/2019

“The Burning House” — Diversity in Segregation. Arts Fuse. 02/2019

Charley Crockett’s “Lil G.L.’s Blue Bonanza” — How Did We Get Here, Charley? Arts Fuse. 01/2019

“Revive Us Again” — Rev. Dr. William Barber II’s Quest to Revive Compassion. Arts Fuse. 12/2018

Mountain Man’s “Magic Ship” — There’s Magic in Them Thar Hills! Arts Fuse. 12/2018

“Boosie Blues Cafe” — Rap Reaches Back to the Past. Arts Fuse. 12/2018

Lonnie Holley’s “MITH” — An Act of Restoration. Arts Fuse. 11/2018

Two poems: "Job 9:20, America, 2017" and "They Found an Underwater Forest in Alabama". Scalawag. 9/2017