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Jeremy Ray Jewell


Jeremy Ray Jewell is a poet, critic, and storyteller. He hails from Jacksonville, Florida.

His work focuses extensively on history, folklore, culture, politics, philosophy, and religion. He writes with particular interest in the US South, the broader United States, and the Americas, as well as the intersection of subjectivity and solidarity.

His writing has been featured in a range of publications, from North Carolina's Scalawag magazine and Heron Clan VI, to the University of North Florida's Poetry Fix. He is a frequent contributor to Boston's Arts Fuse magazine, writing on a variety of subjects from theology to music. He also sometimes maintains a blog entitled That's Not Southern Gothic.


He holds an MA in History of Ideas from Birkbeck College, University of London, and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts Boston.


Photo (left):  Reverend Rufus Hickey Jewell, pastor of the Pleasant Grove Methodist Church of Etowah, McMinn County, Tennessee. Photo from a revival, late 1800s, Dayton, TN.

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"El derecho de vivir en paz – Víctor Jara (Dicap)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (November Entry). Arts Fuse. 11/2021

Cultural Commentary: Goodbye Columbus — Mexico City’s “La Joven de Amajac” and “Tlalli” Sculptures. Arts Fuse. 10/2021

"Cuquita – Los Tigres Del Norte (Golondrina)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (October Entry). Arts Fuse. 10/2021

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"The Red Detachment of Women (China Record Corporation)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (July Entry). Arts Fuse. 7/2021

Album Review: Juan Cirerol’s “Punk Feeling” — Mexicali’s Poet of Poverty Returns. Arts Fuse. 7/2021

Book Review: “Canceling Comedians While the World Burns” — The Case for Comediansplaining​. Arts Fuse. 6/2021

Book Review: “Robert E. Lee and Me” — An Incomplete Reckoning. Arts Fuse. 5/2021

Cultural Commentary: “Dogefather” Elon Musk on SNL – Banking on the Irony of the Rich. Arts Fuse. 5/2021

Kaimo skurdžiai – kilmingieji laukiniai?​. Magazinas. Translated into Lithuanian by Nomeda Repšytė and Sandra Bernotaitė5/2021

Film Commentary: “Minari” — An Immigrant Tale with a Southern Accent. Arts Fuse4/2021

"Link Wray: Link Wray (Polydor)" in Arts Reconsideration: The 1971 Project (April Entry). Arts Fuse. 4/2021

Country Music CD Review: “We Shall All Be Reunited: The Bristol Sessions, 1927 & 1928” — Revising Musical History. Arts Fuse. 12/2020

Music Review: The Harry Smith B-Sides: Precursor to The Harry Smith C(ensored)-Sides?​ Arts Fuse. 10/2020

Folk Album Review: Tyler Childers’ “Long Violent History” – An Appalachian Murder Ballad for Breonna Taylor​. Arts Fuse. 09/2020

Music Review/Interview: Falle Nioke’s “Youkounkoun” EP + 2 Songs — Africa In Any Language​. Arts Fuse. 08/2020

Book Review: “The U.S. Antifascism Reader” — Recovering the Great American Tradition of Punching Nazis​. Arts Fuse. 07/2020

Book Commentary: “Pandemic!” by Slavoj Žižek — Choosing Reality and Survival Over Panic and Barbarism. Arts Fuse. 05/2020

Music Review: Pokey LaFarge’s “Rock Bottom Rhapsody” - To Hell and Back with That Wholesome Midwestern Troubadour​. Arts Fuse. 04/2020

Cultural Commentary: Songs of Forgetting – From the Cultural Quarantine of the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Arts Fuse. 04/2020

Folk Music Review: Dan Reeder — Weighing Consequences and Accepting Defeat… “Just Feels Sorta Natural”.​ Arts Fuse. 02/2020

Four Poems: "The South", "The New Math", "Atlanta Kawaii", and "Generation Without Shame". The Blue Mountain Review #17. 02/2020

YouTube Commentary: “李子柒 Liziqi” — Nature and Internet Celebrity in the Time of the Coronavirus. Arts Fuse. 02/2020

Book Commentary:  “La patria y la muerte” — Exposing Mexican “Greatness”. Arts Fuse. 01/2020

Book Commentary: “Dying of Whiteness” — What Rough Beast Slouches Toward Kansas to be Born? Arts Fuse. 09/2019

Book Review: “William Walker’s Wars” — Revisiting US Slavery’s Soldier of Fortune in Latin America​. Arts Fuse. 08/2019

Country Music Review: Gabe Lee’s “farmland” — The Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot Blues​. Arts Fuse. 08/2019

Folk Music Review: Dueto Dos Rosas, Five Songs. Arts Fuse. 08/2019

Book Review: “El Norte” — Recovering a Greater America at the Southern Border. Arts Fuse. 06/2019​

Book Review: “Accounting for Slavery” — Plantation Roots of Scientific Management​. Arts Fuse. 05/2019

Three poems: "Tactile Afterlife", "Good News Crackles", "Hillbilly of Monterey Bay". Heron Clan VI. 04/2019.

Book Review: “Where the Crawdads Sing” — Are the Rural Poor Noble Savages? Arts Fuse. 03/2019

Book Review: “The Burning House” — Diversity in Segregation. Arts Fuse. 02/2019

Country CD Review: Charley Crockett’s “Lil G.L.’s Blue Bonanza” — How Did We Get Here, Charley? Arts Fuse. 01/2019

Book Review: “Revive Us Again” — Rev. Dr. William Barber II’s Quest to Revive Compassion. Arts Fuse. 12/2018.

Folk CD Review: Mountain Man’s “Magic Ship” — There’s Magic in Them Thar Hills! Arts Fuse. 12/2018.

CD Review: “Boosie Blues Cafe” — Rap Reaches Back to the Past. Arts Fuse. 12/2018

Folk CD Review: Lonnie Holley’s “MITH” — An Act of Restoration". Arts Fuse. 11/2018

Two poems: "Job 9:20, America, 2017" and "They Found an Underwater Forest in Alabama". Scalawag. 9/2017


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"But I woke from
my dreaming,
my idol was clay"

Maud Irving